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Photo Update 1

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New post? Yeah maybe I should..

Well it seems I haven’t updated in eons.  And here I sit, complaining to myself when my favourite bloggers I stalk don’t post enough content ha! (luckily I don’t have any hardcore stalkers, or you’d all be bored.)

On the home front we have some sad and disappointing news, our closing date which was scheduled for December 2nd has been pushed back to January 6th, 2011.. It being a whole new year makes it seem much further than just a month. Luckily we learned it’s the developers issue and not the builder, so if luck is *hopefully* on our side, we might still get it before Christmas! Please, I pray to you house Gods.

Other than that I’ve been derbying it up and really enjoying it! Although I really need to lay off the junk food I seem to be consuming a lot of these days, and I just weighed myself on a store scale, because ours is in storage and am a little ashamed of the +5lbs I’ve gained :S Oh well.

It’s back to work for me September 1st! I decided to go back on a wednesday, ween myself back in as the following week is only a 4 day due to the holiday! I’m mostly looking forward to it, having some more adult conversation, having the money roll in etc.. but I keep breaking down about leaving my little one :( I more than trust her daycare provider, my good friend Amanda, but it’s just the fact of all the things I’m going to miss. I just love watching her play, learn and discover and it just saddens me to the extreme. :(

Would you want to leave this beautiful little girl all day long? I know I sure don’t.

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The little things

I love the little things ours kidlets do, that “talking” that makes so sense to us, but yet watching a few of the kids together you can really see that they have their own language..

There really hasn’t been too much going on in the Seebach household – we’ve been doing a lot of procrastinating as of late, we officially have 24 days left of our place.. that means we have a lot of packing that we don’t want to do.  So instead, I’m going to show you some recent pics of our cutie patootie!























Here’s a little description of each picture, as I haven’t quite got the knack of putting a neat little comment under each one!

  1. Declan’s birthday party – that was today, Ella really couldn’t get enough of that soccer ball!
  2. My little monkey was caught eating that chain lock, I love the innocent smile I’m getting.
  3. Ella seems to have developed a new fave method of eating, and we haven’t had a dog in our household for over a year! I honestly have no idea where she gets it.
  4. Playing in the tunnels at Victoria park with her future husband, Jaxson ;)
  5. Just being darling.

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Fun stuffs

So since we had our appointment this past friday, I took the liberty of taking photos of some of our choices, in an attempt to remind myself exactly what we chose and what it looks like! haha

Without further ado….

The main kitchen cabinets will be cream, and our island will be in the darker wood colour, countertops will all be the same, and then that ceramic tile will cover the entire main floor except the great room/livingroom, and will also be in the main bath and laundry area upstairs. (Yes that partial handle you see is what we chose for hardware)

Oh and those aren’t the cabinet styles we chose, but the samples were in our colour, we went with the shaker style to give it a more modern feel, especially since we went with cream, the modern door and handle/pull takes out the “french country” vibe the other style puts off. (IMO)

This is the style here (shown in the dark wood), along with a better shot of our hardware, and to the right is the tiny swatch we chose for the countertops in the main bath, the floor and cabinets will all be the same dark wood as the island, and the floor downstairs. The middle shot is the hardware that’ll be used in all the bathrooms!


And last but not least, we are SUPER excited about our ensuite bath – we managed to score an extra free window (we removed the one in the kitchen to accomodate a new location for a stove and moving the sink to the island) so now my soaker tub will have TWO windows, one on each wall at the corner! — We also updated our standard shower stall to an acrylic base with tile surround, and a seamless glass enclosure! It’s really going to make the bathroom look super luxurious and it wasn’t a huge upgrade either!

Here are our tile, cabinet and counter options in that room! – Same dark brown cabinet as the island and other bathroom, with that light grey (there’s some brown veins in there you can’t see) as the floor tile, it’s a 13 x 13, and the accompanying wall tile for the shower is the same but in 8 x 8.


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Our New House… err dirt patch.

Well here’s an update on our wonderful house to be!  We have our design and structural appointment tomorrow, I’m so excited! I know everything I want, and at the same time I know nothing… haha we have ideas of how we’d like it to look and I have colour combos and stuff in mind for the kitchen and the cabinets but I’m still not 100% yet. Need to look at the floor samples again and go from there! I’d like our place to at least be cohesive.

As you can see from the photos below they’ve got the curbs all in! They will be paving shortly, which will definately make for a less dustier trip when we drive by – boy I can’t wait!

We have to be out of our current place July 27th, so the weekend before that, or two, the 17th is going to be a big moving weekend, most of our stuff will go into storage and our day-to-day needed items will be moved into Alex’s parents, then we start the countdown to December 2nd! (Hopefully that day sticks – I would absolutely LOVE to be in our home for christmas!)

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Pretty Sweet Give-Away!

Check out Mama Ash’s blog – Everything Mom & Baby, and thanks to her, a very nice give-away, 100% Canadian from Pippalily!

Check it out, Here

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Life passes us by…

Does it ever. Time seems to be flying in the Seebach household. I can’t believe it’s practically half-way through June already! That means even Christmas is almost upon us ;)

There’s not too much to update the blogosphere with our family. A few weeks ago we had quite a scare with our little one who had a febrile seizure, but she’s 100% better now and we’ll just watch her like a hawk if she ever start to get a fever again. I even carry around tylenol just in case!

We also sold our house, for $500 over asking, the 3rd day it was listed! (With NO conditions) pretty insane eh? I went to a psychic this past January who told me that we would do very well with the sale of our house. I’m not so sure we could have done any better. (I guess I lied there are a few updates aren’t there?)

Ella continues to grow like a weed, we swear she’s an inch or 2 taller than she was a few weeks ago! We also got the pics from her Cake Smash… so without further ado, here they are in all their glory.

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Cake Smash!

We did a Cake Smash for Ella’s first birthday. Here are a few teaser pics from the wonderful K. Shiell Photography.

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My Christmas Wish-List

For Christmas I would like carpentry tools: jig saw, table saw, mitre saw, nail gun, you name it I want it.

Knock-Off Wood

Seriously Obsessed.

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New House!!!

We just reserved a lot, and we’re in the process of figuring out upgrades to sign the final contract…. we’re getting a new house!

I am absolutely beyond excited, I have been wanting to get out of this house since a year after we moved in – I’ve always wanted a newer home, and am even more excited to be building our own home. I can’t wait to pick out our colours, and choose options and to jsut have the home completely customized to our tastes and style!

We’ve decided to go with Losani Homes in the new Doon Creek development in Kitchener – We’re very lucky that we have excellent family who are generously lending us money for the downpayment until our house sells and we can pay them back! We’re also super lucky that the site just opened in February, so we had a really good lot selection, plus we’re going in phase 1 which means the cheapest housing prices because they’ll only go up!

We’re getting tons of upgrades included (Valued at $11,000) – Plus a VIP bonus of 9ft ceilings on main floor and an extra $7,000 in upgrades! (Not to mention the standards are really great already, like ceramic tile)

We’re hoping for a December close, which is their first wave date, as we’ll be moving out of our home and bunking with Alex’s parents for a few months, it will be difficult, but it’s do-able, and we’ll be better of financially in the long run!

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